BNL has saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars over the years. The membership is wide and so it’s easy to find services and products that you would normally spend lots of cash on. Doing it on barter saves us at least 50%, and sometimes more on things such as printing, legal advice, storage, travel, advertising in mainstream media, virtual assistant, even food and restaurants!
Excellent service, it is by far the best barter company in Canada and possibly even in North America
Veronica Sinclaire, Blue Moon Trading

All I can say is that Barter Network has played a big part in both my business & personal life.. I became a member approximately 8 years ago with my marketing business. Now that I am a licensed realtor in Ontario, I have put my services on as well. I use BNL for all my dry cleaning, I did my daughter’s entire Sweet 16 using Barter Network. In the past year I have also put 4 new tires on my wife’s car, tune up and breaks.. On my car 4 new tires, oil changes, new windshield.. Thank You for all the support you have given me.. I am your biggest advocate and had over a dozen friends join as well..

Mitch Krystantos, Royal Lepage
Our Company joined the BNL Network around 5 years ago and since then has been a great layer in the way we spend our cash and have found ways to use the BNL network for printing advertising and marketing. And the odd entertainment when you need a night out ! Highly recommend for businesses that want that extra step and would like to expand their personal network to over 1000 members.
Robert Ricciardi, Boss Leather
The top barter company, very professional and staff will go out of their way to make customers happy! Very rare to find these days! Ive been a member for years now without a single complaint! 5 + stars all the way! Thank you and keep up the excellence in everything you do!
Magnons Inc.
Barter Network is the BEST! We’ve been members for 10+ years and have used their services and products extensively. If you don’t see it listed, ask. Chances are they can find it for you. The staff is always very polite, friendly, and responsive. We’re always made to feel like we are a priority and that our needs are taken care of. Great service!
Jane Sleep, Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation

I joined Barter Network in 2012. Like some, I was a little apprehensive to not receive cash for my sales. Fast forward to current day and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the growing business that we have done together.
Before I spend cash on my day to day products and services, I’ll check BNL and they always have companies on board. Their business model is economy changing. Thank you Patti and the team for your excellent work and amazing service in the past and moving forward for years to come!

Kevin Kliman, National Jewel Creations

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