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More and more businesses are gaining new customers and growing their bottom line faster through Barter Network. Toronto based Barter Network Ltd. is Canada's largest and fastest growing business-to-business trade exchange. Also operating as Comtex Trade Exchange in Montreal, Quebec.

As a member of Barter Network, your business can access a large market of member companies that choose to do business with you, first - before considering your competitors. And through Barter Network, you'll find a full range of marketing opportunities and advertising media to increase your business profile and effectively build your brand - without paying cash. No wonder our membership is growing every day!

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Barter Network is operated by experienced, Certified Trade Brokers who know how to make barter work for business. Find out how we can help your business achieve faster growth, increased profitability and improved owner lifestyle - call us today or inquire online for more information! Let us show you how barter can work for your business or organization.