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If you need a photocopier, accounting, computer services, Internet Service Provider, toner cartridges, employee training programs, catering, florists, office furniture, printing, graphic design, and even contractors you will find it all through BNL. One phone call gets you access to a list of member companies eager to serve your needs. And in case you missed it, your cash is no good. Whatever your business requires to ensure a well maintained and functional facility you can find it at Barter Network.

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For most small businesses, managing cash flow is a strategic part of sound financial planning. Membership in Barter Network Ltd. (BNL) is an important tool that assists small businesses obtain the quality products and services they need without conventional cash expenditures.
Small businesses can improve cash flow, purchase quality business products and services and access a whole new market, all through Barter Network. This is particularly effective for a business that is in growth mode.

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Medium and large businesses can build greater competitive advantage by trading goods and services through Barter Network. They can reward employee performance with incentives such as monogrammed clothing, travel & leisure items, or use our prepaid gift card program.

They can also purchase media & advertising, marketing services, training services, printing and virtually any other business product or service without cash. With the expanded purchasing power of BNL, medium and large businesses will spend less to acquire and retain more customers.

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The number one rule in marketing is getting noticed, and there is no shortage of opportunities to advertise on BNL. Our economy specializes in all forms of Media. From radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, newspapers, magazines and even alternative media BNL has national coverage and new potential customers waiting to hear about your company. If you need some professional guidance with strategy, research, graphics or even a new website, we have got a lengthy list of experienced agencies willing to help you get noticed.

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In the food and beverage industry? We offer services through the network catering specifically to the hospitality members. Consider using us for plumbing and electrical services, HVAC contractors, commercial kitchen cleaning, grease trap cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, refrigeration service contracts, etc. We also have many advertising opportunities that will drive patrons through your doors.

From business travel to conference facilities; client events to employee or customer training sessions, your business will find it all through Barter Network

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Barter Network’s extensive membership of professionals presents expert bookkeeping and accounting, employee and management training, marketing firms, advertising, legal and other services to fellow members.

You will find the expertise and quality you need without having to search for the right service provider. The BNL trade brokers do all the legwork – you simply let them know exactly what you need. Haven’t you got enough on your plate?

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Dental & Wellness Benefits have become the largest growing segment in our trade economy. Many companies can no longer afford to offer these benefits due to the cost and the restrictions in so many of these plans. With BNL you pay on consumption and can even set up different account for your employees at no cost. Dental, optical, RMT, chiropractic, orthotics, holistic, naturopathic, orthodontics and laser correction eye services even are all available at 100% trade. Please ask your broker for our Health and Wellness Directory

But how about incentives or bonuses like sporting event tickets, a dinner, an overnight stay at a B&B, golf passes or a day at a spa or even a lovely gift basket? We appreciate that some may need a root canal and we have got some great dentists who can assist. But we know our members employees love that their company is a valued BNL member and it is not for the root canals.

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Industrial automotive and manufacturing businesses offer their products and services on the Barter Network exchange.

Our membership includes auto repair, detailing, maintenance, cleaning, painting, dent repair and accessories. We even get used cars and truck from time to time. Many vendors take the BNL card.

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Every business seems to need an endless stream of supplies and services now your office can reduce this cash outlay by turning to the Barter Network economy. From toner cartridges to coffee, photocopiers & printers, computers, telephone systems and cell phones BNL can help your company get the supplies and services to run efficiently. Ask a trade broker for exactly what you need, today.

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Barter Network provides an array of business contacts for your company’s facility maintenance and improvement needs. Such general expenditures include building maintenance, doors and windows, plumbing, electrical work, grading and excavation, general contracting services and equipment rental. Though large construction jobs are not available at 100% trade, we generally get our partners to trade a blend at tender pricing. Want to act as your own General Contractor? Then yes, much can be done at 100% trade.

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Whether enjoying some of the best restaurants and hotels Ontario has to offer, attending a critically acclaimed play or hot ticket concert, BNL members get unparalleled opportunities for first rate entertainment. And for a little more adventure, BNL’s member relationships and affiliation with other barter exchanges can find our members lying on a beach in Fiji or visiting the outback in Australia. How about a stay at Five Star Sandals Resort or a cross-Canada first class Trip on Via Rail to see the country? Need any luggage with that?

A trade broker will act as your personal corporate travel agent, identifying and booking the best in package travel for incentives or rewards, standard business travel, accommodation or any other travel and hospitality requirement. Bookings are handled quickly, professionally and reliably – every time.

Why use valuable cash resources for travel when you don’t have to?

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Client Categories

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Alarm systems and Monitoring
  • Automotive Detailing and Repair
  • Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Corporate Giveaways and Prizing
  • Golf Products and Passes
  • Health and Wellness Benefits
  • Interior Design Services
  • Internet Services
  • Jewellery and Collectables
  • Lawyers and Paralegal Services
  • Limousine Services
  • Logo’s & Promotional Products
  • Office Furniture & Equipment Dealers
  • Printing + Signage
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents
  • Sales
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Telecommunications
  • Training Seminars
  • Travel
  • Web design and SEO
  • Window cleaning services

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