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As the largest barter company in Canada, Barter Network Ltd. (BNL) knows what it takes to grow a successful business. This savvy business thinking is applied to finding new business for the company is 2000+ active card holders and reducing their cash expenditures with unrelenting passion in the two pillars of the trade exchange’s existence. On average BNL drives over $20 million in trade annually, with many of Canada’s leading corporations and smaller companies alike, obtaining new business from fellow members in even larger proportions.

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BNL has become a part of the The International Reciprocal Trade Association. IRTA is a non-profit organization committed to promoting just and equitable standards of practice and operation within the Modern Trade, Barter and other Alternative Capital Systems Industry, by raising the awareness and value of these processes to the entire Global Community. We have access to Trade exchanges all over the world through IRTA’s Universal Currency. www.irta.com

And with every single dollar our member spends through BNL, they save cash through use of our unique BNL currency. That’s right as our members’ cash is no good here!

We can promote your business to other BNL members

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Advertising you in our BNL Daily Offers listing


Advertising you in our featured offers


Having our trade brokers call a list of other members to tell them about you


Having your company information available via our on-hold messaging


Listing you in our online member directory


Matching up what you have to sell with other membership preferences of what they wish to buy


Inviting you to BNL networking, trade show special events to showcase your firm



Our membership includes corporate leaders


We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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At risk of stating the obvious, with every purchase by one of our BNL members, there is a corresponding sale. So while we are actively working to help our members purchase what they want or need for their business or themselves, in effect we are actually working just as hard to find our members new sales.

Naturally, you are unable to buy anything from our diverse membership unless you have BNL Trade Dollars in your account to spend. That is where our Certified Trade Brokers step in as your sales force, actively promoting your business to those who we jointly believe will be most interested in what your company has to offer. We will encourage you to educate us about your business so we can best represent you to our membership and we can even pre-qualify buyers if that is your preference.

And remember, our BNL trading team understands our members extremely well, knows their preferences and knows how to best promote your company to them. We dedicate all our efforts to ensure our members trade regularly and take pride in being the highest volume barter exchange in Canada.

The best part is we will bring you as much or as little business as you wish. It’s up to you to decide how to best capitalize on your membership with BNL. We view our relationship with our members as a true partnership.

what do you need?

Why Barter with BNL

BNL revolutionizes the traditional barter concept by facilitating direct trade between parties. We do this through our unique currency called BNL Trade Dollars that can be spent with-in the closed economy of our industry leading barter exchange.

Our Certified Trade Brokers work to identify new sales opportunities and determine key spending areas where our members can most effectively use their BNL Trade Dollars.

Bartering with BNL is comparable to service offered by a bank or credit card company except that unlike your bank, we’ll find you new business. The value of your BNL Trade Dollar is recognized by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as equivalent to one cash dollar.


Here are our top three reasons why you must join our exclusive group of BNL members.

We will bring your business new sales. Our typical account obtains $25,000.00 in new trade business annually.
We will improve your cash position by allowing you to spend BNL Trade Dollars on what you need. Remember your cash is no good here!
We will allow you to sell overstocked inventory or available professional time that is currently yielding no return. Why not convert your stock or time for items or services your business or you require?

Customer Choice Award 2024


CEO & Certified Trade Broker

Patti Falus

As President and CEO, Patti Falus is the founder and driving force of Barter Network Ltd. A Certified Trade Broker (CTB) with over thirty years of experience in barter. Patti is a recognized expert in this multi-billion-dollar industry: Through the late 90’s, she toured North America, lecturing seasoned brokers on the merits and advantages of a barter economy. Starting Barter Network Ltd. in July 2000, Patti’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for delivering outstanding service and value, remains the cornerstone of the brokerage, today. BNL stands alone as Canada’s most reputable commercial barter exchange. Patti also holds a board member position with the International Reciprocal Trade Association (www.irta.com). In 2004 she was awarded Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in the Start Up Category. In 2012, Patti was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of Canadian’s contributions to Canada.

Trade Director & Certified Trade Broker

Shannon Niebergall

Shannon joined the Barter Network team in 2005. She brought with her an extensive background in customer service and sales. Shannon’s day to day responsibilities include overseeing the trade floor as well as the Media department. During her career that spans almost two decades, she has established her reputation and strives to make every trade as smooth as possible. She recognizes that her clients should be prioritized over all else, staying committed to their interests and decisions. She is instrumental in coordinating the sale and purchase of advertising across all mediums available through BNL and will help you create an advertising plan that your customers will love, igniting real results for your business. Shannon’s experience and knowledge of the barter industry enables her to cater to our clients impeccably and efficiently for all their trading needs.

Operations Manager

Cherise Horton

Cherise is the Office Administrator for Barter Network and has worked here for nearly 9 years. She started as BNL’s very first intern while attaining her business management diploma from Canadian Business College. She later accepted a position as the assistant to the marketing director and in September of 2013 she took over the marketing director position. In 2017 she moved over from the marketing department to office administrator position and holds that position today. She assists in the development and implementation of firm policies and procedures; manages and oversees the administration of HR policies, programs, and practices within the company; she maintains clients’ accounts,  accounts payable & receivables and monthly billing. Cherise’s knowledge & experience of the BNL trading platform can help our members account more useable to them with a quick phone call or email.