“We use Barter Network to augment our marketing efforts. Throughout the years, we’ve used many different avenues made available to us through Barter Network to do so. The process is simple and affordable, using Barter Networks makes a lot of sense for us.”

Mike Forty, Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club

“We recently joined the Barter Network and are pleased to say that the staff at Barter Network have exceeded all of our expectations. Not only are they extremely helpful and always available to assist, they go out of their way to make sure that we are satisfied with the products and services we received. We have found ourselves turning more and more to the Barter Network for holiday gifts, staff appreciation days, office services, and even travel. We are delighted to be members of this great community and will continue to support and participate in the Barter Network.”

Alice Honig, Northern Group

“I have been a partner of BNL for 14 years. It has been a key element of my furniture business success over the years. I have been able to leverage other companies product and services for my benefit all the while having the ability to draw in new customers to my business.
As a small business owner I count on BNL, Patti, and her team to always look out for my best interest in growing my business and my customer base. I highly recommend partnering with BNL for the success of any business!”

Monty Piggott, MAP Office Furniture

“I honestly can’t say enough good things about the Barter Network. I have tried some of the other barter companies out there and quite frankly, they don’t compare. The Barter Network is great at meeting all of my needs and they do it beautifully. If you are thinking of joining, I would simply say don’t waste any more time and join today. I don’t have any regrets, all they have done is help me grow my business and they will do the same for you.”

Eric Laichter, Green Apple Dental

“We have been active clients of Barter Network for a number of years now and have come to view them as a valuable resource to our business, especially in the areas of promotion and contesting. The depth of their offerings has been helpful in assisting us in coordinating promotions targeted at listeners and station clients alike. They are useful partners and its been a pleasure working with them.”

Peter Allen, 91.7 GIANT FM

“I have been with Barter Network since 2005. I am very pleased and happy with the perfect services I received during these years from Patti.
When I heard the first time about Barter Network I had no idea what it was. Fortunately one of our business neighbors referred us and recommended it. This company is #1 and the best in North America! Being one of the members of Barter Network I started to have a better selection, not paying cash, to go to the best restaurants, arrange my Christmas employee’s party, advertising my business, repairing our home or office through the other member’s company. Barter Network always updates their members with available services and their promotions. Patti always arranges an excellent Christmas Party for her members which not only you enjoy it but you will have an opportunity to meet the other members. I 100% recommend anyone to become a member of Barter Network thank to Patti to gave us this opportunely to use this marvelous service.”

Isabelle Dastranj, Clinical Director IMD Laser Clinic

“BNL has proven to be a great outlet for our trading needs. The service is a must for the things you don’t expect to need and the things for which you do not have a cash budget. BNL has taken the time to understand our business and have in turn provided solutions that work with the unique environment in which we operate.”

Harris Greenberg, Toronto Argonauts Football Club

“We can’t imagine life without barter! As a small business we depend on BNL to save us money and it consistently does! Our staff loves the barter bonuses we give them and we’re convinced that it’s one of the perks that has kept our top employees with us for 20 years.”

Véronica Sinclaire, BlueMoon FairTrade

“BNL’s new website makes our barter experience easier than ever. The site is extremely user friendly and a pleasure to navigate – you get to see all the latest offers available. We are continually amazed at all the fantastic products and services we find for 100% barter! Not only is the site extremely accessible, the BNL staff is incredible: friendly, dedicated and always there to help!”

Andria Minicucci, UB Media Inc.

“Mirabelli Boutiques has been involved exclusively with Patti Falus and BNL since their inception in the year 2000. As a high-profile retail company, it’s important to us to maintain the integrity of the brand and our product. No one is better at understanding this than Patti Falus. Her team does an brilliant job at securing the high-quality products and services that we require to build our business, and at bringing us customers who share the same business philosophy.”

Franco Mirabelli, Mirabelli Boutiques

“The Barter Network is the perfect solution for companies that either have product overstock or are interested in being introduced to companies they would have never had the opportunity to serve. Our own company now services our internet marketing services for many companies that use the Barter Network. Barter dollars are just like cash and I have been thrilled with the directory of companies that I have to choose to spend my dollars on. The staff is very friendly and they work very hard to both help drive business and offer opportunities to purchase items to build business. The networking available through the Barter Network is second to none. I highly recommend the Barter Network for any company that is looking to grow their business in new ways and has the bandwidth to take on new business. Thanks Barter Network team!”

DJ Kennedy CEO, TechWyse Internet Marketing

“Dear Barter Network, I would love to take the time to write a fabulous testimonial about your amazing company but I am too busy signing in my extra yoga clients, getting my hair done, purchasing a new coffee table, getting a bra fitting, taking my friends out to lunch, picking out teak patio furniture, acquiring Inuit art, having my hardwood floors refinished, enjoying my new Dyson vacuum, buying a fabulous designer coat, purchasing gifts for my friends and family members – all using my Barter dollars!!!”

Joanne Lowe, Director of Stretch,
The Big Stretch Yoga Centre 12 years with Barter Network

“We have been with BNL since its inception and have done too many trades to count both in sales and purchases. Everything from travel to employee incentives, you name it and we have done it. The team at BNL are always extremely friendly and helpful. We would recommend them as the best Barter Company in Canada to anyone.”

Paul Lindzon, President, ITA/CHRiST Ltd.

“There are companies you work with and there are companies you love working with, the difference is huge, we strive to fulfill every request that comes from Barter Network immediately with utmost care. Why? Because Patti and her team go out of their ways to take care of clients. I was impressed from day one and still impressed today with the communication, impeccable customer service and most importantly and simply “care”. At Barter Network I feel that they care about my business,and that is very rare! Thank you for your work, for your dedication and for making customers feel like they are part of a community. The opportunities Barter Network gave our business are endless. We always say in our company: “Barter Network is the only barter company that makes BIG DREAMS come true!”

Margarita Ganieva, SAXON.KRUSS INC.

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