Joining Barter Network Ltd. is a great way to trade goods and services without having to spend any actual money. If you have goods and services to spare that someone else might desire, and they have what you need as well, then trade becomes possible without the need for money to change hands.

This ancient form of trading remains a useful tool to this day. However, many businesses fail to take full advantage of it. This is partly because they are so used to using money that they have forgotten that bartering is an option, and partly because it can be difficult to find the perfect match of someone who wants what you have and has what you need. 

However, given the age of the Internet, this is now more possible than ever, thanks to organizations like Barter Network Ltd., which helps connect traders who can offer each other value without cash entering the discussion.

Here are two notable advantages of bartering that are important to remember.

Bartering Sidesteps Inflation

The global economy has suffered some serious setbacks over the past few years thanks to the war in Ukraine, climate change, energy crises, and sociopolitical upheavals, causing oil prices to skyrocket and inflation to run out of control. 

Money isn’t worth what it used to be, even though the inherent value of goods and services hasn’t changed. The same amount of gas will still fill your tank and take you the same distance as before, yet it costs a lot more money now than it did a few years ago.

When money starts to lose its value like this during times of high inflation, Barter Network Ltd. is a saving grace. By avoiding having to use money as a means of determining value, bartering allows trading partners to determine value on their terms, which is typically more fair and more rewarding.

Bartering Builds Valuable Connections

The inherent nature of bartering means that relationships start to be formed with other businesses. These relationships are different from the typical business/customer type of relationship, which is inherently unbalanced by its very nature. Instead, a more balanced relationship can be formed whereby each partner is an equal contributor to a mutually beneficial symbiosis. 

This can turn into long-standing business connections and collaborations that can help both partners grow together, with mutual respect for what each brings to the table. 

When you decide to participate, we at Barter Network Ltd. can help you find suitable matches to trade with.  

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